The comfort of home
the quality of the past
the excitement of what is next

This is the story of Leola & Croff, a holistic retail experience. Created by the harmonious clash of opposites, Leola & Croff is the union of different times, styles, and senses in a delightful mix. Old and new, feminine and masculine, young and experienced, local and international, soft and contemporary, thoughtful and playful. Leola & Croff is a place for the unexpected.

A carefully curated collection graces the shelves of Leola & Croff including home accessories, textiles, furniture, art, books, skin care, fragrances, candles, food, rare vintage finds, and botanicals that can be found as the perfect gift or finishing touch to a room. Every brand at Leola & Croff was searched and chosen based on our belief in the products and the philosophies behind them.  

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